Saturday, September 3, 2016


ヨガレッスン後に寄った、新しくできた近所のコーヒーショップでフレッシュジュース😗 ジューサー洗うのが面倒く手放したけど、 やっぱフレッシュなのは美味しいね。
ビーツ?(なんだろ日本語で)も入れてもらったけど、 やっぱアレルギーあるかもだな。 喉がカユイ😏

Stopped by a new coffee shop nearby my place. Although I gave away my juicer while ago because it was such a hassle to wash it, I really like a fresh juice. I asked to put some beets in it, but I may be allergic to throat is itchy...

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