Tuesday, August 30, 2016


グアムでは高級ブランド以外は欲しい物が手に入りにくいし(アマゾンで買えても送料高いし)、オシャレな素敵なレストランでご飯を食べるわけでもなく、いい意味でも悪い意味でも、周りにないから物欲や素敵なモノ欲の薄まり具合がすごい。 (ヨガ関係もの以外はね)
Recently I have been thinking a lot about "Minimalism." While traveling for a few weeks, I didn't even wear some of the clothes I packed in the suitcase, and realized that I don't have to have too many stuff. After coming back to my place, I was very surprised that how much things I own and not even used them in my apt.
Despite it is GOOD or BAD, living on Guam is really making me want things LESS. I am not a person who wants things and have not so much desire to buy things, but it became significantly less than before..( well, except Yoga related things.)
Maybe because there aren't many stores that I want to buy things from.( I can purchase it via Amazon, but still have to pay high shipping and handing fees.) and there aren't many fancy place to eat here anyways.
While I am still on Guam, I should be prepared for the future moving.. so I can move easily with a little things I own.

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