Monday, July 25, 2016


思いつきで友達とシュノーケルに行ってきた〜。超久しぶりだったけど可愛い魚沢山見れたし、 日陰でのゴロゴロも最高に気持ちよかったよ。 ここんとこ、ウニごんの調子が悪いのやら大阪旅行でストレス感じてたから、 リラックス出来たしなんかまた頑張ろうって前向きな気持ちになれたわ〜。近いんだしもっと来なくちゃとだな。

It's been a while since I went snorkeling. After I had been in the sun and swan with pretty fish, laying on the shade was just too perfect! I had a bit stressful week (with Uni's heaters issues and nervousness about my future trip), but it was so relaxing and able to reset my mind. I should do this often👍🌴🐠🐟😘

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