Wednesday, June 15, 2016


(Day6) まだまだヨガ練習頑張れてるわ〜。今日は朝は自己練習して夜はスタジオでお友達先生のレッスン受けてきた。 でもやり過ぎたのか? 肩と膝が痛いので。じゃじゃーん、「モーラステープ」これの効き具合って半端なくすごいよね。 でもあんま凄いから張るのが怖いくらい。
(Day6) So far I still kept my word👍 I did my morning self-practice and went to the studio to practice at night. Maybe too much for one day, and now my shoulder and knee hurt. This healing patch will take care of me and magically reduce my pain.
This is scary good products and try not to get addicted...

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