Sunday, April 10, 2016



今年1月にこのワークショップお手伝いの話をいただいた時は、『めっちゃ怖いけど、せっかくの機会だしやります!って言おうかな。。』ってすごく迷って迷って迷いまくって、 結局挑戦してみる事に決めて大阪へ来る事にしたんだよね。ヨガのワークショップの通訳として3時間お仕事したんだけど、 生徒さんの前でハーモニー先生が伝えたいことを丁寧に、そして彼女の人柄とか優しさとかも感じも上手く伝えたくて終始すごい緊張してた。
数人の生徒さんからいいフィードバックも貰えて本当に嬉しくて、 頑張ってチャレンジしてみてよかったよー。
ワークショップ終わって、 感きわまって泣いちゃったわよ(笑) こんな機会もらえていい人に沢山出逢えてめっちゃ幸せで感謝感謝の日でした。


Beautiful and amazing Harmony Lichty sensei's Workshop "Female body and ashtanga Yoga" yesterday. I was super fortune enough to help this WS and learned so much at the same time:) lt's a win-win!
The beginning of this year, I was nervously about to say the great opportunity that scares me so much, however I decided to give myself a GO!
The day had come last weekend, and it's done!!

I was a interpreter for yoga workshop and theme talk for 3 hours total. Being out there and trying to give the same message that Harmony-sensei wants to share, and really want the attenders to feel how sincerely and wonderful she is, was challenging..and nervous at all the time. 
Some people gave me nice feedbacks afterwords, and I was so happy to have decided to take this chance in Jan. 
I am very grateful for being a part of this and Ashtanga Yoga Tattva Osaka & people who I met through this WS. I was so overwhelmed after finished this WS, and I cried.. 

It's all done and wanted to celebrate with friends I made there. So, it's a Osaka way, 4 takoyaki(octopus balls) & draft beer! (Great thing is less than $5 for this!)

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