Wednesday, August 5, 2015


というのも、あれよあれよと言う間に成り行きで、アメリカでは子供たちがお休みだったので、この時期を生かして日本語を勉強したいという子供たちに日本語教えることになったのさ〜。 日本人だけど漢字が書けない子とか韓国人で漢字書けるけど日本語難しい子とか、レベルも種類もバラバラの子たちへのプライベートレッスンです。



I've been busy like normal adults these days.. Maybe I wasn't so used to be busy anymore, so I feel like my time flies by so quickly, and I don't even make it to Yoga practice.

The reason why I am very busy is that No. 1.. I am helping this Language school and it started Summer School program there. Many kids are coming to attend this program, and all the sudden I have to prepare and arrange all the schedule for them and our staff.
No. 2 is I started to doing private Japanese with local Japanese or non-Japanese kids.  Just because I can speak Japanese doesn't mean I can teach, but in the course of nature? I was kind of forced to teach these kids.. It's been a month already since I started it.
Today, I also gave 6HOURS private Japanese lesson to an American person. Whew. Wow! I was super exhausted and anxious whether I did okay or no. Hopefully he learned something useful.

On top of that, I started to teach someone English. This is really a problem because I am nowhere near that I can teach someone English. I am still learning it, and I don't think I am not the right person to teach.
I declined her offer many times, but since she insisted me on teaching her.  We discussed what I can do for her, and I told her that I can tell her things and culture that I heard and learned throughout living in US. I am still hesitating to do this today, though.

Anyway, it is very difficult to teach more than to just do. Yoga, Japanese, and English, I can tell all that same. But teaching makes me evolve and I know this is very good for me.  It is kind of fun as well. I should be enjoying while someone is giving me these opportunities.