Tuesday, July 21, 2015



About 2 weeks ago,  a great Ashtanga teacher Dan-Sensei from Germany came to Guam and give us some workshops and Mysore practice for 5 days. We started to practice at 5am. It felt like this was my yoga teacher training again that I attended exact one year ago.
One of our yoga friends had planned this and invited Mr. Dan for us.  
Because Dan-sensei is so knowledgeable and great teacher, he could collect 20plus people for his workshop easily if he does a workshop in anywhere in the world.
So it was almost like a dream come true to have him for only 8 of us on this tiny tiny island.
He can speak Japanese fluently as well, so he taught us in Japanese. He taught us how we practice our asanas, and also gave us insights of how Ashtanga Gurus are in Mysore, India and how his practice evolved for all these years.
He inspired me a lot, and so did my friends.
My friends put a lot of efforts to make this happen. All of us were so appreciated to do this together, and we had great experience together.
This is something I will not forget. Even small island and a small amount of people like us can have a wonderful yoga WS and Mysore practice.

Thank you for Dan-sensi and my yoga friends.
I know I have just started to practice Ashtanga yoga a few years ago, and this will be a long journey for me.  There is no magic pills... I just need to keep practicing and I will..

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