Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nice Weekend

日本はGW突入ですね〜。 このウィークエンドは両方ともホテルの朝ヨガを教えてきました。6時半にスタートだから、5時に起きてるんだけどね、やっぱ5時起きってちょっと辛いね〜。
In this weekend, I taught morning Yoga classes at the hotel. Since it starts at 6:30, I needed to wake up around 5am.  I am not so morning person, but I felt good every time I did teach in the morning.
Today, I saw a huge rainbow. Its almost looked like the rainbow was floating on the ocean. 
When I found it, I asked all the students to stop practicing, and we all admired the pretty view.  We tried to capture it, but it was too huge to take a picture.
It is so relaxing and at the same time it gives me a good energy to see this pretty sky and ocean on Guam. Love it!

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