Sunday, May 24, 2015


 そして数週間前にあるホテルのヨガレッスンの代行先生として登録させていただきました。 そしたら登録直後なんとある先生が急に辞めてしまうとういことで、思いもかけずレギュラークラスを3本も頂いてしまいました。 バリちっくなスパの中にあって、海を眺めながらできるこの場所は、これまたヨガを練習する&教えるにはグアムで1番素敵❤️な場所なんだな〜。 すごいラッキー!
だんだん先生としての機会が増えてきたよ〜。 最近、人にもよく言われるけど、私すごい幸運だと思う❤️ みんながサポートしてくれるし、応援してくれるの。本当にありがたい。せっかくのチャンスだから頑張んなくちゃね〜。
On Sundays,  I usually teach yoga at the pool side of one of the hotel at 6:30am, and Beginner's class at yoga studio at 10am where I have been practicing yoga.  
Today's 6:30am class, we have 16 people!  I really liked to see their smile after the class.  Beside, admiring such a pretty ocean in an early morning was already good enough (with or without yoga.)
Then, I went to teach at the yoga studio, and no matter how many times so far I did, I am alway super nervous.. but it is always worth it.  It is so nice to see the happy faces after the class.

By the way, a few weeks ago, I did some interview to resister as a sub teacher at one of the hotel yoga studio, and I was accepted.  Surprisingly, one of the teacher needed to go off island all the sudden, and I was given the chance to have 3 regular classes to teach. 
This studio in this hotel is probably one of the best location on Guam, and I think a lots of experienced yoga teachers even want to work there..  I am super lucky to just be a sub, but now have classes regularly?  Wow!  So I did debut last Friday, and  some of my yoga friends and yoga teacher friends attended my class. With a lots of people's support and help, I am where I am right now, and I really think myself as SUPER LUCKY person.  I will try my best, and hopefully I can give all this luckiness back to everyone. Thank you!


  1. Congrats for getting a permanent position!!! You rock!! <3

    1. Thank you! I am still over the moon, and I cannot believe I have this opportunity.