Monday, May 18, 2015


私の住むアパートは幸い自家発電機あり。 風がビュービュー吹き街中が停電のなか、お家でクーラーつけてゴロゴロしたり、同じアパートの人たちとみんなでご飯食べてたりと、楽しく快適に過ごせました。 うには相変わらずゴロゴロ。

On May 15th, Typhoon Dolphin passed on Guam. We gassed up the cars, bought some non-perishable food, save some water, and shut typhoon we always prep for the storm, and sometimes in the past nothing happened. However, this one was a big one I had experienced since I am back to Guam.
Luckily my apartment has a generator, so I had a power after all the neighbor lost it. Storm was pretty severe, however, my cat was enjoying her nap as usual under A/C, and my neighbor from the same apt and I gathered up and spent some fun time together.
Next morning after Dolphin passed, we drove outside to see what happened.. Power was lost, some place had no water, signal lights were falling, and trees and street lights got damaged and blocked the street.
My place got power back last night(3 days no power), but there is still some places with no water and power. Now Guam is recovering from it, and today is very shinny and nice day outside like nothing happened.

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