Tuesday, March 3, 2015




My friend gave me a Virgin Coconut Oil yesterday.  I guess it is very popular among the healthy people right now??  I guess..  You cannot really get it at local supermarkets because it is too popular or they just don't sell these items on Guam..
My friend got a special route to buy this (supposedly amazing) oil, and kindly shared with me.
I don't know anything about it, but some said pouring in the coffee is good, so I tried it.
It tasted a bit coconut flavor, but not too much so that I can enjoy an original coffee aroma.

Anyway, today March 3rd is Girl's Day. 
My grandparents bought me special dolls when I was born.  Used to have many other dolls, but I just kept these Emperor and Empress. This dolls are over 40 years-old, so it's not really a fine condition, but I am glad to put it up around this season.
I also made "Chirashi Sushi" for Girl's Day.  ( To be honest with you, I don't know why we eat "Chirashi Sushi" for this event.
However,  I used Chirashi-mix ( just add it to cooked rice) and put some additional things on the top to make it girly Sushi.  I made it a lot, so I shared it with some friends :)

Only thing I am craving for is nice desert, but I didn't think or prepare it.. Damn..