Sunday, February 1, 2015

eat, pray, love my friends


雨の中を浅草寺行って日枝神社行って、御守り買って〜おみくじひいたよ〜。お好み焼きも食べたし、新宿界隈でラーメン2回、トンカツも食べ、大好きなドトールへ毎日通って、それ以外のカフェ(ミスドやらサンマルクやら)でお茶して〜。ほぼ食べて飲んでばっかり♪でしたけど、私が知らない場所に彼女たちに連れて行ってもらったりしました。 私があまり知らない東京をまぁまぁご案内できたかな〜?
John sent me an email and wrote me that they would like to go to Senso-ji, Hie-jinjya, and to eat Okonomiyaki, Ramen, Tonkatsu, and Doutor ( coffee shop ) in Tokyo.
It's very nice that they know what they love to eat.  I know they want to go to Sensoji just like we visited 2 years ago :) That's kind of tradition when they come to Tokyo almost every year.
So we took a subway to visit to pray at the temple and shine, bought some lucky charms, and ate the food they wanted to eat.
Of course we visited Doutor ( their absolute fave coffee shop) 3 TIMES! and the other coffee shops.
For only 3 days, we did almost everything (additional reflexology massage was pretty nice).
Hopefully I was a helpful guide in Tokyo.... or Maybe they know Tokyo better than me, hahaha.


  1. It was sooo lovely to get together in Tokyo! We miss you so much! Thanks for spending couple days with us. <3

    1. Thank you for inviting me to such a fun trip! I realized how much I miss you guys, too. It was so dreamy and so much fun we had together.