Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015



年越しそば食べて、近所の神社に初詣行って、キーンとした夜空にたくさんの星をみて寝ました。朝起きたら、外は雪で真っ白♪ 2015年は真っ白からのスタートです。わくわくするぅ〜。年の始まりはいいね、キリッと引き締まる。 
Happy 2015:) 
It seems like a lots of people got flu over this holiday season in Japan, and my sister and her husband are one of them.. So, I spent NYE playing with my nephew AL.  He always amazed me how much he grow up every time I see him. 
We played a lot, ate Soba ( we,Japanese, eat Soba noodle on NYE), and  went to Shinto Shrine to pray for a great new year together.  On my way to home, I looked up and saw a lots of stars in the clear sky.
When I woke up this morning, it was snowing. It felt so fresh to see the outside covered with snow, and it'a a perfect day to start a new year!
We had a traditional new year breakfast, and played with AL some more today, and Anzu sit in front of a heater to warm up herself after she played outside. It is a nice lazy first day of 2015.

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