Tuesday, January 13, 2015


帰ってきました〜。名古屋♪ (岐阜県人ですが、そしてとりあえず、べたにテレビ塔)
ヨガのインストラクターになって、日本語でのヨガやいろんなヨガクラスや教え方なんかに興味が湧いてきたの。 どこかへ旅行へ行ったらヨガスタジオもチェックしたいし、いろんな先生に教わりた〜いって。

Since I began to teach Yoga as an instructor, I am more interested in teaching and learning Yoga from the other studios and teachers. I would love to travel somewhere and seek for  Yoga studios and do some Yoga.
At this time, when I came back to Japan, I want to try a different studio to practice yoga. In addition to the studio where I used to practice=Bikram Sakae Studio.

There is some studios that I can practice Ashtanga yoga in Nagoya. Ashtanga Yoga is the style I practice on Guam.  I took my friend at MySoul8 studio to try Ashtanga for beginners, and I tried Yoga and Meditation class there, too.
A Ganesha smiles and welcomes me, and the huge window in the studio overlooks the office buildings and tree in the city. It was a pretty view:)  Teachers are very knowledgeable and kind.. and  I felt so comfortable. Learning something that I knew (kind of) already in Japanese, is pretty fun and very interesting.  
I really wanted to continue coming to more classes, but my time was limited.. Maybe next time I will come back to here. It was very good learning experience.

After I went to MySoul8 studio and relaxed my body and sprit, I also went to practice yoga at Bikram Sakae Studio. I loved to practice yoga in a heated room so much!!! Especially when it's in Winter.  
At this time, my friend invited me to join Girls' nite and met other girls who practice yoga in this studio. It was very nice feeling to be included. We had a yummy Thai food and Thai beer together, and had so much fun talking to like-minded, fun-loving, and inspiring people.
 I promised to come back to join them again (for yoga practice and girls' nite)

My yoga journey continues in 2015:)

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