Wednesday, December 10, 2014


大人になってからの彼女との友達関係で、改めて考え方も似てることを発見、そして一緒にいて楽しい! 深い話もできるし刺激しあえるとっても大事なお友達だということを再確認したよ。 (私の方が幾つも歳上なのに)しっかり者の彼女に沢山励まされ、応援してもらい、いろいろとお勉強になりました。 そんな彼女に昔から出会っていたことに本当に感謝。
あっという間の3日間だったし、新婚ホヤホヤにもかかわらず、遊びに来てもらって本当に嬉しかったよ〜。 今度は日本で会えるといいなぁ。

My friend just flew back to Japan this morning, and I already missed her so much.
We met more than 15+ years ago on Guam, and we met each other again 2 years ago. Since then, we became pretty close.
She is very smart, funny, kind, and supportive:) I was inspired by her so much.  I really love seeing and talking with people like her.  She said that I inspired her a lot, and that is HUGE compliment I can have from her. Made me cry almost, and I am so honored.
We went out to see every sunset on the beach while she was here, and talked endlessly..
Despite she is a newly wed, she came to visit me alone ( sorry her lucky hubby),and I had a wonderful time with her. Thank you, and hope to see you in Japan next time.

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