Friday, June 27, 2014



一緒にいったランチは以前にもブログで紹介したLamai Restaurantで、ここではレッドライスとBBQリブやチキンキャラグェンなどのローカル料理を食べて、そのあと海をみながらビーチバーでフライトの時間までゆるりと楽しい時間を過ごしました。
Several days before I went back to Japan for my grandma's funeral, I met my friends from Vegas. They stopped by Guam for a few days on their ways back to Japan.  It was good surprise to see them because I had no idea till my friend let me know right before she was flying to Guam.

We had lunch together at a local cuisine restaurant.I hope they enjoyed some BBQs, fried chickens, spicy chicken kelaguen, and red rice.  We moved to the beach side bar to spend the rest of the time till their flight. I went for picking up some seashells on the beach with this little princess:) I had a great time. Thank them for stopping by, and for next time, I really want to take them to more beautiful beach and do some BBQ there together!

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