Saturday, June 7, 2014


My friend' cat Romeo passed away the other day. 
When I moved to Las Vegas in Sep. 2001, white fluffy kitten boys named "Romeo" and "Zero" came to my friends' house and I was so executed and remember how adorable they were!!!
Since I knew them as kittens, these boys were like my cute nephews. So, when the devastated news hit me very hard and broken my heart...
Romeo was very ill and fought his illness bravely.  My friend took care of him very well and very seriously.  There was nothing more that they could have done.  Despite of their prayers and efforts, sadly he had to end in this life.
When I think of what my friend had to go through and imagine one day I must face the fact that I have to let go of  my dear cats, too. 
It is a fate for people who live with pets as their life companion, and it is a good thing that we take care of their whole life. I know that sincerely... but.. it is harsh.. 

Romeo was very friendly and handsome boy.
I am sure he was very lucky and happy cat who lived with his brother Zero and a nice family.
Rest in peace, and I hope I can meet him somewhere again. 

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