Thursday, May 1, 2014




I woke up super-duper early, and went for a morning walk to the beach. It is so nice to feel the fresh start of the day.  My body and brain became very happy and easy to continue throughout the day with happy mind.
I went for a walk, had my green juice, and practiced yoga = pretty healthy day. 
As a proverb says, "the early bird catches the worm," waking up early gives me something special.
In the afternoon, my friend called me, and she brought me a loaf of bread.
And... it was the best loaf of bread I've ever had!!  yummy.
I think that bread is the winner among all the bread I've ever tasted! ( umm, maybe too exaggerated? but it is very close to the best bread)  Who would've imagined that I taste the best bread in my life on Guam?  ( at least not me..)  I think this is definitely Waking-up-early-Morning-Magic!

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