Wednesday, May 7, 2014

朝 050614

5月6日妹ちゃんの誕生日(HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 理夏しゃん)の昨日は、早起きできたので朝歩きしてきました。
やっぱ早起きいいわぁ〜♥️ 明日も歩き行こ〜♩って思っていたのに、昨晩は本(A GAME OF THRONES) を読みすぎてすっかり夜更かししてしまった。。。で、今朝は全然起きれずがっかり。。。

現時点で全5巻、そしてまだ続くらしいから楽しみ♥️ 夜に読み始めるのやめないと。。早起きは無理だなぁ。こりゃ。
May 6th was my sister's birth day:) Happy Happy birthday to my sister, Rika!!
I woke up early again and went for a morning walk to the beach.  Summer is almost around the corner so that the sun is up earlier and temperature goes up early, too.  
There was several locals catching fish and people running and walking along the beach.
I was walking about an hour with my favorite potcast. On my way I picked up pretty plumeria flowers, and again this waking up early made me feel very very well. 
I want to make it to my habit, and decide to go for a morning walk today, again...

However,at last night I started reading a book " A Game of Thrones", and I drown myself into it.. I stayed up too late.  As a consequence of that, I was up this morning too late for a morning walk...Boo...
I had hard time to remember all the characters in the book at the very beginning,  but now it is hard for me to put it down. This book is so good!  I know TV series of this is also very popular, and I really want to watch it some day. 
Anyway, I love to wake up early, so I should remind myself not to start reading this before I go to bed.

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