Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Lamai Cafe&Restaurant/ラマイ カフェ&レストラン


そして、思いがけずランチに誘われたレマイ カフェ&レストランが、まぁグアムもバリバリのリゾート地なんだけど『ここはどこ?』風で、トロピカル感満載のなんとも素敵なお店でした。
ここは外で食べる席がたっぷりあって開放感いっぱいだったよ。ナーセリー(植物とか花をうってる場所)が隣接してて、初めて来たからなのかな? なんだかグアムじゃないような?グアムのような?トリピカルの島感たっぷりでよかったよ〜。
I had a lunch at The lemai Cafe&Restaurant yesterday. We went there just about closing their lunch hours, however they were kind enough to serve us great lunch.
I couldn't study any other things on the menu, but this is their lunch special for this day.
This yummy lunch comes with Chicken kalaguen, BBQ ribs, Chicken, Red rice, and salad:)
It is a huge lunch, and Chicken kalaguen is my fave!
I couldn't finish it all, so I took it some to home.
This cafe locates next to a plant nursery and garden, so you can enjoy pretty flowers and tropical plants, too.
Food was great and yummy, so I will definitely go back there and spend more time to enjoy their food ( because I was in rush to eat at this time since their lunch hour were over)
I know Guam is a tropical island, but I really felt like I am a tourist visiting somewhere tropical place.

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