Friday, March 14, 2014

Mosa's Joint / モサズ ジョイント

という事で、今回行ってみたのが Mosa's Joint。
人気のお店みたい〜♪ お店の中には軍人さんやローカルの人でいっぱいでした。
私が今回食べたのはファラァフェル•フォールドという、ファラフェル(ひよこ豆をつぶして混ぜたつくった団子をカリっと揚げたもの)にガーリックたっぷりのハマスとお野菜をピタブレッドで挟んだもの。 ギリシャ風です。
そしたらここにあった! しかも美味しい♥️ 
それに付け合わせはスイートポテトフライ。 ちなみに付け合わせはサラダ、スープ、フレンチフライ、スイートポテトフライから選べます。

When I go out to have a lunch with friends, my friends and I like to explore a new place to eat. 
Mosa's Joint for lunch was our choice. One of the burger from this place won the 1st place of Guam Burgerfest competition in 2013. 
I guess this place was known for great foods. When we got there, it was very crowded with a lots of locals and military people.
My choice here was Falafel Fold. Falafels( deep fried a ball or patty made from ground chickpeas or fava beans), Hummus and veggies with greek dressing were wrapped with Pita bread.  I was seeking good Falafel on Guam, and Yay! I finally found it here!! 
You can choose the side from Soup, Salad, French fries, or Sweet potato fries. I got Sweat potato fries.
I want to try the other burger next time, but it is hard not to get Falafel fold again.. 
Well, with all the said, I am definitely coming back here:)

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