Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3月11日 #prayforjapan

その当時アメリカに住んでいても毎日ニュースやネットで流れる映像に 恐怖と命の儚さと自分の無力さに押しつぶされそうになりました

Three years ago, northern part of Japan got hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Lost a lots of souls.
I remember the days after the earthquake, I felt like I was developing PTSD... I burst out to cry or my heart was pounding so fast when I watched some articles or videos. I was really a sick mentally. 
That is why I started to practice yoga. Yoga gave me peaceful mind. I slowly begun feeling better and got back to my normal self.
I still pray for more recovery in that region and people's heart, and no more nuclear power plants in all over Japan.

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