Wednesday, February 12, 2014


最近のグアムは快晴です。日本が大雪だったからこの時期グアムへ来た人はラッキーだよね。でも、寒波の影響なの? お昼間は当たり前にトロピカルな気候だけどね、グアムでも朝方は涼しいというか、肌寒いくらいだよ。

別になんにもいらなかったんだけどね、遊びにいってみたら丁度いいソファーセットがあったからもらっちゃった♥️ ラッキー、 ウニごんも気に入ってる様子でよかったわん♪


It has been really warm sunny days recently. It is lucky for Japanese tourists who came to Guam during this time since Japan got hit by severer snow. I would say weather around the world seems unpredictable now a days. To my surprise, it is very chilly in an early morning here on Guam, too.

I got a phone call from a friend out of blue one day, and she asked me to check if I want some furniture from her rental property.  She has a furnished condo for rent, however, a new renter wants to move in with his furniture.  My friend needed to get rid of hers right away since there was no space for her to store them and new renter moves in that same evening. 
First, I didn't want anything, but when I looked a coffee table and sofas, that caught my eyes...ummm maybe I can use them for my room.
So, I got them for FREE of charge! I am happy, and so does my friend. Yay :) 
I think Uni likes her new single seater, too. Great.

Next day, I went to a new ramen noodle restaurant "Misoya" for a lunch. I think this is Japanese franchise restaurant, and there are several stores in US, too. It is all about Miso ramen. You can choose among 3 different miso form different regions,  Noodles are a bit thick, and soup tastes a little salty and think for me, but it was good.
Within 3 min walking distance, there are already 2 other ramen noodle restaurants. It is a ramen noodle hot spot area. I guess Guam people likes ramen a lot.

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