Monday, February 3, 2014


1.  お風呂大好き♥️ 常夏にいるからシャワーで十分だし、グアムは風呂のタブがアメリカ仕様だからゆっくり肩まで浸かれないけど、それでもお湯につかりたい。。。
アメリカにいた時はLUSHのバスボムとかプリティーな感じのバスグッズだったけど、最近はこれです。頻繁に日本からお友達がお土産で買ってきてくれたり、自分で買ってきたり。 気がつけば、かなり消費しましたけどまだこんなにあったから並べてみた(笑

2.  そしてお風呂タイムは読書タイム。
今読んでるのは最近練習してるAshtanga Yogaについての本2冊。

3.  私が風呂に入っている間、ウニもシンクの中でお風呂気分♥️
1.   I love bath time. Guam is summer all year around, so you don't really need to take a hot bath. My bath tub in an apartment is shallow, so it doesn't have enough depth for me to soak in like a Japanese bath. However, I still have to take a hot bath. I used to enjoy pretty bath bombs from LUSH and bath salt. Now all I have is these Japanese bath bombs and salts. hahaha,   I used a lot already, but I still have many of them to enjoy:)

2.   While I am taking a bath, I usually read books. Books I currently reading is about Ashtanga Yoga. One is 『アシュタンガヨーガの実践と探究』グレゴリーメーレ Japanese book about poses and theory. It is written in Japanese, but it is hard for me to understand since I have no idea of names of borns and muscles ..
Second book "21 Things To Know Before Starting an Ashtanga Yoga Practice" by Claudia Azula Altucheri s cool. This is just for me who is a beginner, and it is easy to relate with this book:)
3. While I was enjoying bath time, Uni enjoyed hers without hot water:)


  1. cute pic of Uni!
    I love hot bath too!! Japanese hot springs are the best!

    1. Yes, I know!! Japanese hot springs are the best!