Tuesday, January 21, 2014


マーチンルーサーキングデーのある3連休のある日、タモン湾の一番端っこにあるバー&レストランThe Beachに行ってきました。
ランチしたんだけどここからの夕焼けも奇麗だから、サンセットをみるために夕方また戻ってきたよ。 太陽に吠えろ的な夕陽は見えなかったけど、日が沈んだ後の空の色は本当に幻想的で何度みても飽きない。
Sometimes, I wish Uni would be a dog.
One of the Martin Luther King's three day weekend, I went to have a lunch at The Beach. This bar and restaurant located at the end of Tumon Bay next to Nikko Hotel Guam.
Sunset is pretty to see from this place as well, so I came beck around sunset time. Sunset sky looked so magical, and I have never got bored to see it.
Luckily, Island dance show was performing for the guest at BBQ restaurant next to The Beach, and I watched the whole show ( almost 50 min long). Sorry I didn't pay for the show, but I watched it.  It was a great show that I cannot just leav
When I got home and was about opening my door, I can hear Uni was Meow-ing for my arrival.
I am sorry Uni. I know you love staying at home, but I really wish I can take you to the places with me.


  1. Great pics! I'm glad that you got to enjoy the show. Don't feel bad about not paying, locals souldn't pay ;-)
    I saw some cat walking on a leash so maybe you could teach that Uni.....
    XOXO M.

    1. Thanks! I know some cats can handle a leash and go for a walk:)
      Uni seems not to enjoy outside of the house too much.
      I wish I can take Uni outside with a leash...
      Should I train her? ummm I wonder if it is already too late. ummm

    2. not too late for training.
      Start slowly, lead her with treats or toy....