Wednesday, December 25, 2013


日中はウニさんとゴロゴロリラックスして、最近はまってる"A Game of Throne"読んでました。
I woke up really early morning on Christmas day:) It is not because I had been waiting for gifts from Mr. Santa.
I always wanted to wake up very early and try to make a habit, so finally today it happened!
I wanted to see sunrise on this special day. Unfortunately, cloud was too thick to see it. I waited for a while, and yaaaay! I saw light beams coming through the sky. So beautiful:)
In midday, I chilled with Uni and read my recent favorite book "A Game of Throne".
I didn't do much of Christmas things this year, but I took a few pics with Mr. Santa♪ Hope everyone have a wonderful day!

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