Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello November :)


今日は"hello November"の落書きしてたら、ウニさん案の定邪魔しにきました。
この週末は私の好きなKimberly Wilsonの "Tranquilologie"の11月のチャプターをベットの上でウニとゴロゴロしながら読みつつ、今月のゴールと将来の夢なんかを考えよっと。
あっ、昨日今日と2日間かけてminiを洗ってワックスかけました。 自分で車って人生数回しか洗った事ないんだぁ。雨が洗った直後降ってきてガーン(涙)だけど、グアムじゃね仕方ないよね。でもピッカピカのmini号超かっちょぃ〜♥
IMG_2970 IMG_2962 IMG_2932
Mini Cooper after wash and wax :)
Oh's already November! Time goes by super quick. I had experienced so much in this year, and my life has changed a lot.  I can't stop thinking about my future and felt like I should make some move.. however I am sitting and waiting at the same place if the universe can show me the way. Anyway, I want to start a new month with a positive, creative, and fun-loving mind:)

Past few weeks, there were some great changes in my life.
I started taking Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga lessons at a local yoga studio, and I am loving it! I love yoga so much that it helps me to lift my soul and to strengthen my body.
Another thing is Uni is now living with me. I love taking pictures with my fave macro lens. Pet can ease your stress and give you a happiness. It is so true! I adore her so much!!! 
For this weekend, I am planning to lay on the bed with Uni and read November Chapter from  Kimberly Wilson's book "Tranquilologie".  I will plan November goals and future plans.
Btw, I just washed and waxed my MINI. Right after finished washing and waxing the car, it started pouring.. oh well, it is Guam, so you cannot avoid tropical weather of frequent rains. All my hard work paid off. My MINI is so shinny and pretty:) 


  1. I'm so happy to read that you have Uni with you! Too bad she can't meet Brutus ;-)
    That is great that you found a good yoga studio so you can continue with practicing.
    Btw, great job with washing you Mini!! I'm too lazy to wash and wax my car....

  2. hi, Marcela. I am very very HAPPY to have uni with me. Life became so much prettier:) My new yoga studio is awesome! Because I haven't practiced yoga enough and different style, my muscles are so sore:((