Thursday, November 28, 2013

グアム観光写真 その③

せっかくグアムにいるし、ビーチまでは歩いていける距離だから, なんとか早起きしてビーチを散歩したよ。
IMG_2213 IMG_2271 IMG_2212 IMG_2248 Chilling at the beach today with my bestie @yokoz . So glad she is here!!!  今日はビーチでのんびり On the beach IMG_3379 IMG_2245
I am NOT a morning person despite of I have been trying to wake up early.. and neither is she. However, we put some effort (=tons of alarm clocks) together to wake up early and went for a morning walk at the beach. During daytime, we were on the beach chilling under the umbrellas.
Even though I live here, I don't really come to the beach to chill or swim... I have some concerns about sun burn and sun damage to my skin. 
I should forget all about this, cuz I LOVE the beach:)
We got snorkel gears and chased around small fish in the ocean. Then, took a nap, read a book, and talked a lot ( again).
I think my friend enjoyed a lot of nature that Guam can offer!
I did enjoy a lot, too. Hopefully she will come back again soon:)

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