Friday, October 18, 2013

桃季 "Toh Lee" @Guam Nikko Hotel



そしたら、日航ホテルの中の中華”桃季”にね、週末に飲茶の食べ放題があった! ルンルン♪
シューマイや餃子の他にも私の大好物の大根餅もあった。(ここでは英語表記はRadish cakeだったよ)

師匠〜、これマクロです♥ 初めてお外に連れて行きました♪ これで私の世界が変わるよ〜。ふふふ。
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Hello, another food post again...
If you are my friend from the States, you've already known how much I LOOOOOVE dim sum! I just feel like I need to eat dim sum once in a while. 
I crave dim sum on Guam, and my friend found me all-you-can-eat dim sum/Chinese at "Toh Lee" restaurant, Guam Nikko Hotel:) Yay, yay, yaaaaay!
Besides gyoza, shu-mai, and my absolute fave radish/turnip cake, sweet n' sour pork, chili shrimp, and stirred fried beef and bell pepper with oyster sauce, and etc are included in a menu of all-you-can-eat. Great deal!
From the window, you can overlook Tumon Bay. Weather wasn't so good that ocean wasn't pretty as usual.
I liked Chinese food here. It reminds me of Chinese food that I eat in Japan. So good.

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