Monday, October 7, 2013

my cup of Joe with Chemex

えっ?なんで? 分解しようにもどっこも開かない。。。
本日のコーヒーマグは”I♥ Mini”マグで私の車と同じ柄のミニMiniカーで♪ Enjoy your coffee, too.
IMG_2771 IMG_1809 Chemex Chemex my fave coffee "I heart Mini" mug with Chemex
I found my coffee maker from the moving boxes, and I was so happy to drip some coffee again. I bought premium coffee beans from Yonemoto coffee in Tsukiji, Tokyo, so I was so looking forward to enjoy it.
I've been using this coffee maker since Vegas. I just used it few days ago, and something wrong happened...
It stopped working:( Why? I tried to fix it, but don't even know how..boooo

So, I said thanks & good-bye to my precious coffee maker.
I can still make my cup of Joe with Chemex :)
It takes a little time if I compare it to my former machine, but I would love to enjoy waiting for water to boil, pour hot water in a coffee filter, and wait for each drop of yummy coffee.
This morning, I cherished my morning Joe with my fave "I♥mini" mug that my friend gifted me.  Enjoy your coffee, too.

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