Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Instagramに #(ハッシュタグ)つけて、#doodle #artjournal #illustration アップしてたらフォロワーが増えたわん♪
満月 自己発見 /Full moon doodling Doodle 102113 Doodle 102313
Here is recent doodles.
I am just doodling whatever I want. However, I want to put my original style into these doodles, and also to try some new ideas, compositions, patterns to them. Not struggling, but just challenging myself to see what I can pull these together.
I want to draw lines and circles without using any rulers or drawing compass. I like the lines to be not too perfect.  
I am very excited to start drawing in a new page and scared to mess it up. 
But hey, I am doing this for fun, so what is "mess up" anyway, right?
I uploaded most of my doodles on Instagram(@ichigosmith) with #tags recently, and I've got more followers:) haha
I use marker pens to doodle. I love Sharpies!! Because I use them so heavily, I need to buy in bulk next time.

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