Sunday, October 27, 2013


でも、本当に普段は飲まない焼酎をオンザロックでグアムのローカルレモンをたっぷり絞って飲んだら、あらら?美味♥ ビックリしました。かなりたっぷりの焼酎をグラス2杯飲んだ後、なぜか勢いでお店2軒テキーラ総合8杯。もちろんテキーラもローカルライムと一緒に頂くとうんまい♪
Potato vodka w/local lime:) sooooo yum! My third shot for tonight... I shouldn't drink any more of this...
Hello, how was your weekend?
Recently I have been a good girl and haven't had much drinks for while.  
However, last Friday, I had way too much to drink... 2 glasses of potato vodka on the rocks, and 8 tequila shots with yummy local limes. I told myself do not drink tequila shot any more several years ago, and I kept my promise pretty good. 
Well, I don't know it is because this Guam local lime? but those drinks tasted soooo good with it, and when I realized I had too much, I already went for my last shot of tequila.
Good thing was I didn't get a bad hangover. headache nor throwing up. I just ended up sleeping literarily ALL DAY on nice sunny Saturday. sigh.. so wasted. I will be more productive on next weekend.

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