Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Good morning ;) I need to kick-start my rainy morning with a fresh green juice. have a great weekend!
グアムに来て朝夕にはホテルロード辺りをジョギングしている人がすごく多くて驚いた。毎週のよう5K/2K RUN&WALKイベントが開催されてるしね。
昨日のお昼は移民局へ出かけた帰りに家庭料理風ビーガンのお店"Heavenly Veggies”でお持ち帰りしてきました。
 • 野菜たっぷりのスープ
 • 雑穀米ごはん
 • 野菜炒め(ケール、もやし、ニンジン)
 • ローストしたクリーミー豆にビーツとナシを混ぜて煮たもの
 • トーフ、ニンジン、ロングビーンのココナッツミルク煮はおまけにおばちゃんがいれてくれた。
IMG_2851 IMG_2849
Recently I started to make and drink my morning green juice again. My basic juice contains lemon, apple, kale, celery & carrot. It's hard to get good viggies on Guam, however I feel good having this in the morning.
It is common now a days to see natural/organic food and restaurants in Japan or State, but here on Guam it is still under the development. At a supermarket, I found natural food section (it's very expensive, tho. in fact all the food here is expensive because most of things are imported.) I also found a few healthy food markets and vegetarian/vegan restaurants. 
In the mornings and evenings, a lots of people jog and run along the hotel road, and almost every weekend 5K/2K RUN/WALK events are held somewhere. 
Guam becomes more health conscious place than ever.
I started to walk on the beach, but weather wasn't good last few days...sigh* ..need to get back..
I had an appointment at INS yesterday. On my way home, I stopped by Homestyle Vegan restaurant "Heavenly Veggies".
It offers daily lunch full of veggies for $6.50. Yay!
It tasted good, and it filled my stomach happily:) I am always interested being a Vegetarian or Vegan, but I don't think I am be able to become one of them...  If I can eat at these restaurant every meal, I would love to became one. hehehe

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