Wednesday, September 18, 2013


ねこちゃんとウニちゃんにも逢い、涙の再開を果たしました。♥ 親バカですが、やっぱりMY猫ちゃん達が一番かわいい♪
IMG_8947 Finally got "Vogue" September issue :) it's so heavy that I can do some exercise with it. #septemberissue #vogue I missed her so much!! Finally reunite with my babies :) IMG_1191
Because I took a tons of pictures, my recent blog posts are about Japan. However, I flew to Guam several days ago. 
I finally met my two cats, Neko and Uni :) Oh, I love them so much. I missed them so much!  My cats are the best of the best of the BEST!!
My friend brought me welcome cakes. Since I ate too much of good food in Japan, my stomach stretched and I can afford to eat a lot.
Eating a lot is okay for me as long as I get back on working out. So, I went for a walk in the park yesterday. Maybe I will start going to Yoga studio here or to sign up for 5K run/walk events soon.
Today, I applied for my green card renewal. 
I like the life that I am just floating around places, but I start to build my life here slowly for now and enjoy an island life as much as I can:)


  1. Wow, you are back in Guam? So much happened during last two weeks I didn't check your posts....
    Hope all is well and you are happy to see your cats.
    XOXO Marcela

  2. Yes, I am finally back here to renew my green card.
    I missed my cats so much, and it was nice to see them again.
    xoxo hatsue