Monday, August 19, 2013

August Break 2013 Day12-17

August Break 2013
Day12 "Far Away"
"Far Away" Day12 / Augustbreak2013 
Day13 "Home"
Day14 "Stillness"
 "Stillness"  Day14 /#augustbreak2013
Day 15 "Books"
"Books" I've got too many books from library. Currently reading "The Willpower Instinct" by Kelly Mcgonigal. Very interesting book.  Day15 / #augustbreak2013 
Day 16 "Floral"
"Floral" Day 16 / #augusutbreak2013
Day 17 "Touch"
baby bitter melon "Touch" Day17 / #augustbreak2013


  1. I can see on your "books" picture that you have a book by MUCHA. He is Czech artists! :-)

    1. That is right! Marcela:)
      He is very popular in Japan (well, he is a world famous artist!)
      Actually, there is Mucha exhibition near my yoga studio now, and I was thinking about going.
      I just stumble upon his art, his book, and now exhibition.
      and He is Chech!
      Something tells me something..