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スタジオに行けば他に頑張ってる人に出逢えるから、刺激も受けてやる気もでるし大好きなんだけど、家を出るまでが大変なのよねぇ〜。 面倒になっちゃうナマケモノな自分のとの戦いがね。でもこれからも出来るだけ続けて行きたいな。
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ビクラムヨガでもするこのポーズは、STANDING HEAD TO KNEE POSE  {Dandayamana-Janushirasana}
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"Take a Nap and Enjoy Life" 昼寝をしてライフをエンジョイしてちょ。 こっちのほうがいいかな(笑)
"Do Yoga and Enjoy Life" 
I have been saying on my blog and telling people that I am so glad to find yoga. I practice it for almost 2.5 years now, and It gave me physical and mental strength and happiness. 
I wished I have started long time ago. However, I would say it isn't too late to start today, and I am very thankful for enjoying yoga life right now. 
When I go to the studio, I can meet and see other yogis, and they inspire me to practice more and keep this healthy habit.
Only problem is getting out of my house is difficult, because I am super lazy:(  I love yoga so much, but staying home is other thing I love.

One of the pose I have been challenging over 2 years is STANDING HEAD TO KNEE POSE {Dandayamana-Janushirasana}. I need to focus evenly on concentration, balance, and strength to hold this pose, and that is difficult!!! Recently I can see a little progress on my pose, and I am very very verrrry excited. Finally after 2.5years!!  Yay!
One day I will master this pose, until then I just keep practicing.

It has been very hot days here. Best activity in the hot days is napping!  Maybe this is my favorite more than yoga. "Take a Nap and Enjoy Life"  hahah Love it:)

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