Saturday, June 22, 2013

Don't let anyone steal your peace.

"Don't let anyone steal your peace.” 
私がラスベガスでヨガやってる時にインストラクターの女の子がいつもレッスンの終わりに言う言葉なの。(Bikram Choudhury氏が良く使う言葉なんだと思うけど)
超ラブリーです♥ それでは良い週末を♪
Rainy doodling session is done☔ #artjournal #artjournaling #doodle #doodling Midnight doodling is done:) I drew this "Love" more than a few times in the past.  This "Love" is for people who support me and make me smile.  Thanks for ur love. #doodle #doodling #artjournal #artjournaling #love Momo #dog
"Don't let anyone steal your peace" was often quoted by my favorite yoga instructor after yoga practice when I was in Vegas. I think Bikram Chordhury quotes this one a lot.
It is difficult not to let the actions of others affect us, but it is us to decide what it is. We will let it wiggle its way to our core, or we only allow it to affect us to a certain point and then move on from it. We have a responsibility to decide whether we hold peace in our heart or not.  That is what I think from this quote. 
When I was chatting with my friend today, I wanted to share this quote with him. I want to get better at it, so this is something I keep reminding myself.
The other pictures are "love" doodle and my uncle's dog "Momo." Oh my she is super lovely!
Have a great weekend:)

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