Saturday, June 8, 2013


初めての横浜♪ 夏日で気持ちよかった。

pretty view from the hotel window
China town in Yokohama
China town in Yokohama
Yamashita Park Yamashita Park Hikawa-maruSea Bass View from Sea Bass Red Brick Warehouse me A ferris Wheel super excited a view from ferris wheel night view from the hotel window beer and edamame :) best combo
I have many places in Japan that I never visited. Yokohama is one of them. My first time in Yokohama was awesome! Perfect weather:)
Easting Dim Sum in China town, hanging out in Yamashita Park, riding a Sea Bass, going to Yokohama Doll Museum,  Jyunichi Nakahara Exhibition, and Red Brick warehouse.
It was all fun, and finally I ride Ferris Wheels at night! It was a bit scary, but a view from there was priceless.
After all this travels I did recently, my heart is getting healed and energized:)  Oh, my weight is going up, too:( It is very hard to manage how much and what to eat while traveling...

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