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机に向かうとスケッチブックを開いて、マーカーペンを取ってまたまたお絵描きです。一度始めちゃうと完成するまで終われない。昨日今日はお休みします。だって他の事ができないんだもん。 インドのヘナの模様や自然の木々や花にインスピレーションを得て描いたりするんだよ♪
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そしたら、お母さんの庭にピンクと白のPeonyがあったんだぁ♪ いろんな花を育ててるお母さん、なるべくオーガニックに花木を育てるために日々害虫と格闘中です。
Mom's peonies :) so pretty #mymomisgreat
Hello, my condition is getting better, so I decided to go back to practice yoga more often. Since I haven't done for almost 10 days, my muscle around hip area is screaming. My body tries to adjust itself, so I just keep practicing and listening to my body.  love it:)

Every time when I face to my desk, I get a sharpie, open a sketch book, and start drawing. It is hard to stop once I started.. 
Just like I wrote it the other post, doodling is something I enjoy a lot. I got inspired by the shapes of leaves and flowers and Indian Hena patterns. 
I need to give myself a break today otherwiseI can't really do other things:) haha.

At last, beautiful Peonies from my mom's garden.
This is my ultimate fave flowers to decorate on the table. It was such a treat to buy them since it was a seasonal flower and a bit pricey in Vegas.
So when I found them in the garden, I was like WOW!!
My mom keeps her veggies and flowers organic. She picks bugs and unwanted things by hand everyday. With her effort, these flowers are super-duper pretty, and I appreciate to enjoy them:)

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