Thursday, May 16, 2013


みてみて〜、♥型の泡。昨日カフェで飲んだダージリンの入ったティーカップ♥Heart shape bubble in my teacup:) I feel lil sick today, and need to relax... #beautifulmess #ichigonewjourney
この間のぎっくり腰のようなものといい、なんでだろう? お年頃?

Look! Heart shape bubble on my tea cup:) CUTE!
I am not having stressful days or unhealthy life style, but I got sick recently. I am coughing and having a lil headache.  I just had back pain a few weeks ago, too.. Why? Aging?
Just spent time in Tokyo for 5 days, and went to Kyoto with my mom yesterday. Maybe I played too much?
I decided to stay in bed with my favorite books today, so I will fully recover for my sister's moving to new place this weekend:)

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