Monday, May 27, 2013


アルアルさんはようやく『イヤイヤ〜♪』の2歳になりました。Happy Happy Birthday to my dad, sis, and AL :)
Family pic AL 052613 AL & Rika 052613 Happy birthday to my daddy Dad and Anzu fall asleep on the chairs:)
In May, we have three birthdays in my family. My dad, sister Rika and my nephew AL.
We don't really have a big party for birthdays, but we went out for a dinner the other night. A staff from the restaurant took a family picture for us. It was nice to have a family photo:)
But, hey!? I am so resemble to my dad!! I knew it, but this one is very very close...  Just made me laugh so much. DNA won't lie.
My nephew AL finally become "NO~, NO~" 2-years-old.
Happy Happy Birthday to Papa, Rika, and AL :)

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