Saturday, May 18, 2013


Starbuck in Ginza rainy Tokyo International Forum Center
相田みつを Fortune Cookie あんみつ♪ cool bar in Shibuya Kagura-zaka /神楽坂 Yuko-san and Me Bar hopping at 月島 みっちゃきさんに焼いてもらった 東北新幹線 はやぶさ 上野公園/Ueno Park Untitled Tokyo Metro Art Museum 浅草寺/Asakusa my fortune is great
I came back from Tokyo a few days ago. I met a lot of people at this time there, and I got inspired by those people's stories again. Listening to what they said gives me a different point of view of things..
I had a lots of alone time while I was there. I went to a cafe, 2 museums, and Asakusa temple. My friend took me to an old-fashion bar.  We even saw a fortune teller by accident:) I was told I had a very very strong fortune! haha!
I had a lots of fun in Tokyo. It is again very interesting place. Hopefully I go back there to discover some more of it soon. 

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